Your First Call in Any Disaster

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Disaster Doesn’t Wait, Neither Do We

As your first line of defense in the face of disaster, A+ Restoration leaps into action to address and fix issues swiftly. Our expertise in working alongside your insurance company ensures that the restoration process begins without delay, aiming to minimize stress and maximize efficiency. 

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Client Testimonials

” These guys were wonderful. I had called another very well known company at noon and never heard anything back, despite being told they would call me immediately. I called A+Restoration at 5 pm and they were at my house before 6. Highly recommend! Did a great job removing wet carpet and dried the entire area really well. Not worried about mold at all. Thanks Rob!”

Susan M.

“A+ Restoration provided a professional service to our Church and cared for restoring our flood affected facility with lots of interest and did even things we were not expecting they would do, at a reasonable price also. Jared, Rob and their crew were working as a team and were a pleasure to work with. They particularly made easy any difficult decisions we had to make about the dealing with the insurance company and the logistics to resolve on the payment for the job.”

Timea H.

“My basement flooded and after two companies turning me away I called them and they got to us the same day within just a few hours! They communicated throughout the entire process, were willing to work around my schedule if they needed to, answered all of my questions, and overall did a great job!”

Hailey C.


Structural Drying & Dehumidification

Our advanced structural drying and dehumidification processes rapidly remove unwanted moisture, protecting your property’s integrity and your health by preventing mold and mildew growth.


Inventory & Storage of Salvageable Items

After a disaster, identifying and preserving your valuable items is crucial. A+ Restoration offers comprehensive inventory and secure storage solutions for salvageable items, ensuring your belongings are safely stored until your property is fully restored.

Disinfection of Affected Areas

A+ Restoration utilizes state-of-the-art disinfection techniques to clean and sanitize affected areas, safeguarding your health and giving you confidence in the safety of your restored space.

Your First Call in Any Disaster

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